Can Someone Put
the Kettle On?

First we sit down and drink lots of tea (no, we really do... this is an integral part of the process) until we come up with a flavour that sends us giddy with excitement.

Your Suggestions

Sometimes these suggestions come from people who write us nice letters, other times they come from friends who are chefs, but often they just come out of thin air.

The Right Ingredients

We then find the world's best ingredients: Pure Colombian cacao, Hampshire mint, Essex sea salt, milk from the Matterly Farm cows, British eggs and sugar. It will come as no suprise that you can use only the best ingredients in the best ice cream.

The Tinkering

Next we spend lots and lots and lots of time tinkering and tasting... until we have a perfectly delicious recipe.

The Approval Process

Finally we take our newly birthed flavour to be taste tested by some of the best chefs in the country (we’ve made some friends along the way!) before Jude’s husband grants the final seal of approval.

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